Referral bonus

Suggest an employee
and get the bonus

Do you know a good employee?
Referral bonuses are available for the Glassford Global alumni, i.e., for the employees in our database or those who worked with us in the past

If you are a recruiting agency, or you have a database of candidates, and you would like to cooperate with us, please email to discuss individual conditions

Analysts and Junior specialists - $300
Consultants and middle specialists - $500
Senior consultants and Senior specialists - $1000
Project managers - $2000
• Аналитики и Juior
специалисты – 30 000 ₽
• Консультанты и middle
специалисты – 50 000 ₽
• Старшие консультанты и senior специалисты – 100 000 ₽
• Проектные менеджеры – 200 000 ₽

If the employee is hired on a project,
you will get a bonus:

How does it work?

Referral rewards and bonuses program
  • 1
    You suggest a candidate by sending us their contacts; or the candidate themselves mentions your name and contact information in their email to us
  • 2
    If your candidate is hired for a project (after passing the test and interview), then we pay a bonus for the recommendation.
  • 3
    The bonus is valid even if the candidate is not assigned to the project immediately, but after some time.
  • 4
    The referral bonus is paid only once and only to one person. Payment is made under the contract for the recruitment service.
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